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Our Process

An Integrated Approach

Rather than working in isolation, our analysts, designers, and program managers work together concurrently, ensuring all parts of a project are thoroughly explored, analyzed, documented, and proven. Most teams work in a linear "assembly line" fashion, which often contributes to significant complications. Our dynamic, collaborative process enables our team to reduce risk, save time and money, and guarantee exceptional results.

Program Management

Our program managers play a key part in our process by maintaining smooth communication and workflow. We are ITAR registered, which enables us to appropriately handle intellectual property compliance in relation to foreign trade. Even when defense projects involve teams from around the world, ITAR ensures global communications meet strict security guidelines. Sequoia program managers:

  • Track tasks
  • Report clearly defined deliverables, milestones, and results
  • Maintain risk management analysis and program VCRM
  • Compile maintenance, warranty, and safety data
  • Monitor program deadlines
  • Compile operator manuals and acceptance test procedures